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IE7 Users…we have made updates

For our users which may have visited Ateamo using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) this week…you noticed that there were some issues with the site. We have spent time this week working through additional bug fixes. Please take a peek now and let us know how we did.

Why did we not do this prior to our beta launch? Well, our analytics showed that a very small fraction of our users were actually using IE7. However, most of these users it seems are at work and don’t have the ability to upgrade their browser. That sucks but we understand. Hopefully you can get into the site now and find your games.

I encourage everyone who is using Internet Explorer to make sure that they upgrade to IE9. While still not on par with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, your browsing experience will be faster, safer and more enjoyable. We will be using HTML5 extensively and future releases which requires a modern browser.

Share your Ateamo calendar

Add your games, practices and other Ateamo events to your iCal, Gmail or Outlook calendar. Simply click on the share icon in the header of the calendar widget on your homepage.  You can then select the calendar that you want to share this calendar with and you will be linked to complete the integration with your software.

League Rosters

League Rosters have been somewhat of an issue since we initially launched. Teams need to add, remove and edit players from their roster periodically throughout a particular season. In the past, Ateamo would build the latest roster each time the team captain printed it.  Since rosters rarely change, Ateamo 2.0 stores the latest roster as a PDF that can be downloaded and printed at anytime.   This adds flexibility for viewing any team roster.


Print rosters from your homepage

From the next event widget on your homepage you can print both teams rosters by clicking on the ‘Print Roster’ button above the team badge. This will either open up the PDF in your browser for printing or it will download the roster PDF to your computer.  You can also print your opponents roster.

You must have Adobe PDF reader to print rosters.  If your computer doesn’t have this software, download it for free from Adobe’s website, click here.


Print your roster for your team’s page

You can also print the roster from your team’s page. You will find the link for any active registration roster above your team’s badge.