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Rosters Tab

In trying to eliminate the confusion between the league roster and the team network we have added a new tab to the team manager that will show you the active league rosters that your team has. This will be the default tab that opens when you visit your team manager.



The roster tab will show you the number of registered players that you currently have:


To add more players to your roster, click on the ‘Register Players’ button:




So, if you are only looking to edit the players that are showing up on your league roster this is the only place that you need to go. You don’t need to go to the ‘Members’ tab as that is going to show you all of the players that are on your team and is not associated in any way with the league registrations.

Updated photo upload functionality

We have been working on our photo upload functionality to support older version of Internet Explorer.  We are pushing out an update this morning which should correct any issues our users may have had while attempting to upload their photo for their profile or players card.  If you have had an issue, please try again today and let us know if you are continuing to have issues.



Delete a player from your team

You can change the status of players on your team from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’ so that players that may not be playing with you this season you can remove them from any rosters.  If a player is not leaving year team permanently this is a useful feature to keep your roster clean.

However, if you want to permanently remove a player you can delete them using your Player Manager.  To delete them check the box next to their name


then select ‘Delete Player’ from the action dropdown.

select delete


This player will then be removed from your team.

Online Registration How-to

Below is the step-by-step process to register players for league play.  Please note that just because you have a player on your team that DOES NOT mean that they are automatically registered. 

Go to your team manager by clicking on ‘Manage Team’ from the Teams quick nav



Register a new player

1. To add a new player to your team click on the + Add Player button



3. Enter the email for the player(s) and click submit.  If you would like to register the players make sure the checkbox is checked to register them for the appropriate league registration.



Your player will receive an invitation to join your team and will registered at that time.


Register a player already on your team

If you are registering a player that is already on your team all that you need to do is either click the grey arrow next to their name in the list.




You can select multiple players at the same time and then select the league registration from the dropdown at the bottom of the page.



That is all that you need to do to register players for the upcoming season.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Summer registration enhancements

We have rolled out some enhancements that will make it easier to invite or add players to your team.


Free Transfer Registrations

The Austin Men’s Soccer Association has a free transfer rule in place for the summer.  If a player is already registered with another team for the 2012/13 season and you want to add them to your roster, you will see the following when you attempt to register them:




Add a player

Often times teams will merge in the summer.  To facilitate this we have created the ability for captains to add players to other teams that they are a captain of.  For example, if you are a captain of Team A and want to add them to another team, Team B (for which you are also a captain), you can bypass the invitation process and add them to your team.  To do this click on their photo or name from Team A’s page.  You will see the popup below:



Click on ‘Add Player to your team’ and you will then see the form to add them to another one of your teams.  You can also register them at the same time.  If they are eligible for a free summer transfer then they will not be charged a fee.


Invite a player

You can also search for players that may not already be on one of your teams.  However, you will not be able to add them but will instead invite them and they will then need to accept the invitation as before.  This allows you to invite them without knowing their email.  You start this process the same way.  You can search for a player by name using the new search form that is the top of each page.



you will see a list of players matching your search:



Click on the player name to view their profile




Click on the button at the top right ‘Add player to your team’ to see the same form as outlined above which will add them to your team.




Once you submit the form they will be invited and registered.




We hope these enhancements help you populate your roster for the summer.  If anything is not clear, please let us know!



Team Registration and Player Management Changes

We have made some changes to the way that Captains manage their team roster and register their players with leagues or tournaments.  Before each team would have two rosters, their players roster and their registered player roster.  This made it difficult to manage a teams network of players because there were two places to view them.  With our latest release of the team roster manager these two lists have been combined into one.

The Players section now has a filter panel which allows you to view players filtered by a variety of options, labels or tags.

Managing Active and Inactive Players


We have introduced an enhanced grouping system that allows you to view various types of members all from one display.  You can view only active players by checking the box next to active in the filter panel (this is the default display).  If you uncheck the box you will see all of your players both active and inactive.  Inactive players will not see team events, receive team communication or be able to RSVP for games or practices.  Setting a player as inactive is useful for when players are taking a season off, get injured or are not going to be playing for any other reason but yet you do not want to completely remove them from your team.

Managing Captains


To view all of your team captains we have included a ‘Captains’ group.  Checking or unchecking the box for this group will show you your team captains.  If you want to make one of your teammates a captain drag and drop them into the Captain group.  If you want to remove them click the ‘x’ in the folder next to their name.

Managing Player Registrations


If you have a player that is not currently registered you can register them by dragging them to the related player registration.  Once you do you will see a confirmation popup.  The player will be registered and will then be able to pay their registration fee when they login to Ateamo.  We have more updates to the process coming in the next few days.

Smart Groups (coming soon)


We will be adding smart groups very soon so that you can create custom groups on the fly to organize your players.  For example, if you have a group of players that are not very reliable you can create a group for these players and target event reminders or messages to this specific group.  We are excited about this functionality and hope that you find it useful.  We’ll have more about this new features in the next few months.

Managing the groups

You will see all of the groups which each player belongs to next to their name.  If you want to remove the player from a group you click the ‘x’ in the folder for that particular group.






We have been working hard at making team management easier and hope that this new player roster management tool will help make your job as a captain easier.  Please shoot us some feedback or leave us a comment and let us know what you think.



Removing players from your team

Your team can have as many players on it as you want.  If you have some players which no longer play on the team and/or you don’t want them to receive team messages, event reminders, etc. you can move them to inactive.   There are two ways you can do this.

Toggle the player active or inactive from their Profile Snapshot

1) Go to your team’s manager

2) Click on the ‘Players’ tab

3) Click on the player you want to update the status for

4) Select Active or Inactive to changes their status








Drag the player to Active or Inactive

You can also change the players team status by dragging and dropping the player to the appropriate tab.






Let us know if you have any questions

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